Sifting Shimmers Installation: A Dwelling Wall

The cake wall represents a reenactment of my mothers the labor of baking 1000 imperial pound cake over the course of one year as an act of kindness and nurturing for others. The aroma of the cakes offers a sense of the comforts of home. One thousand baked pound cakes are stack one on another forming the beginnings of a dwelling wall, the cakes sit atop one another with both stability and instability as the cakes teeter on falling.  Materials: 1000 Baked Pound Cakes, 2011-2012

1000 Hours, 1000 Cakes

Performance Videos, 2012

A series of six rotating video performances enacts the preparation of each ingredient that makes up a pound cake. The performance plays on a strange juxtaposition between private and public space through the act of food preparation. Bringing obscure domestic labor into public spaces interrupts fragmented episodes of daily living. The interaction between the performer and the random characters that participated in the play of labored actions asks the viewer to fill in the narrative between the gaps of place and movement.

carsello_image2 copy

Flat baked cake modules with text that of words and norms of family ideals and accepted norms are pressed and backed into the cakes. Hundreds of cakes were made and took on varied colors based on the baking process. The cakes togehter for a collective visual as well as sensory of smell. 

Evanston IL Biennial, 2017