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Sifting Shimmers explores the complex and multifaceted nature of family relationships, traditions and histories in shaping personal and collective identities. In this body of work I explore the complexities and fragility of familial structures.  Drawing inspiration from  family culinary traditions, bake cakes serve as a canvas for text pressed into the them, defining  family ideals and acceptied norms framed by the promise of happiness.
Image 3_Cake Modules.jpg

The site-specific installation combines objects, video projection, and performance as a vehicle to connect viewers in a participatory experience. Viewers are invited to participate in a sensory experience by looking, and smelling which initiates memory and ideas of home and well-being. At the same time, viewers must step onto the cakes in order to view the videos of the making the cakes. Playing the two polarities there is an uneasiness in the exact of breaking the cakes and the instability and decay of the objects. Ambiguous in nature the performance/object relationship initiates questions and viewers are invited to participate in their own self-realization and interpretations

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