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BALLOON BLING- Sculpture Objects 


BALLOON BLING- Sculpture Objects 

Series 1: Chennai, India2022: 

This work began with my curiosity about material culture. I began to buy balloons from street vendors. combination of narrative imagery and hand-built ceramic forms resulting in a playful installation of recreated ceramic balloons and bubble toys.


Sculpture Objects SERIES 2: This project involves a delicate balancing act between the fragility and delicacy of inflated balloons and the solidity and durability of ceramics. The resulting tension between these materials represents the passage of time, weight, and movement. While the inflated balloons are heavy and long-lasting, the helium balloons that fly and fall are lightweight and short-lived. The balloons are made from a two-part plaster mold, clay slab casting, and experimental glazing process. 2022-2023

BALLOON BLING- Sculpture Objects 
Oxbow Longform Residency October 2022: 

During this residency, I continued to build this body of work. I made ceramic slip castes from the originals of mylar balloons washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan. The results are heavy and weighted as is tradition and history, they are in direct contrast to the lightweight and short life of a helium mylar balloon that falls onto lands and waters. 

Lake Michigan balloons copy.jpg
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