Gingerbread House Installation
Ginger Cakes, Spices, Wood Frame

The Gingerbread House is stabilized by a wooden frame structure and is constructed from hundred of bakes ginger cakes. Drawing form Hansel and Gretel tale house structure was strategically tucked quietly into the Manistee Forest in Michigan. The use of the National Forest provided a perfect setting to respond, re-interpret, and re-enact the fairy tale.

The conceptual themes are layered, addressing ideals of home, domestic labor, and entrapment. The materiality of the freshly baked cakes engages the senses through its aromas of sweetness and spices and initiates memory and ideas of home and well-being. In the same vein, the text pressed into the cakes and the cakes inherent fragility point to ideas of impermanence and instabilities that lie beneath the surface of constructed ideals of home and utopic familial orientations.


Right: Evanston Bienniale, 2015