Students were asked to


For this work I drew pictures of things on my bed and made a sequence out of it. This video represents the background while we are quarientied because of co-vid19.


My whole idea is that the things I miss, people I miss, and the activities I miss, they are all connected into 1 chain showing how they are far but yet not apart. If you see my final project, you will see 4 crumbled papers, also if you look at my processes of crumbling the papers, you will see a word in the middle of the paper. These words represent the things, people I miss a lot.



My concept is how Social Distancing and isolation, as a result, have changed our daily life, focusing on the idea of abnormality to ordinary. 


Something that I have developed over the past 4 weeks is creating artworks using dolls and toys from my house. As the two previous works I created under the concept of isolation were also made with dolls